Menarini Group creates your guide for preventing urinary tract disorders

A healthy and proper functioning urinary system plays a fundamental role in the well-being of the body. Because of its many functions, also minor ailments – beyond full-blown diseases – if neglected, can seriously compromise the quality of life, even from a psychological and social side.

It is therefore extremely important for doctors and researchers to focus on all aspects of the patient’s daily life.

Urinary tract disorders – known by the acronym LUTS (Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms) – affect both sexes, albeit to differing degrees. They are determined by one or more risk factors, such as: aging, smoking, lack of physical exercise, overweight, stress and an irregular lifestyle. Urinary disorders have a significant impact on everyday life: problems like frequent and painful urination, loss of urine during physical exercise or during sexual activity or due to a cough or a sneeze, compromise life quality. The thought of spending an evening in company or having to face a trip and not having toilets available at any time, can lead to sacrifices; furthermore, the fear of feeling inadequate can limit social relationships and cause psychological stress.

For good health, prevention – including periodic check-up – is essential, especially with regard to advancing age.

Prevention and healthy lifestyle, as well as correct information, are essential for the general welfare of the organism in all phases of life. That’s why Menarini Group creates the website easily accessible and open to everyone, it explores issues related to the welfare of the urinary tract and raises the user’s awareness of prevention. Thus, thanks to the support of experts able to provide comprehensive information and exhaustive answers, supported by academic and scientific studies.

The web portal is divided into several sections: Urinary Systemand Urinary Tract Health describe in a simple and accessible way the functioning of the urinary tract organs, prostate and related symptoms;Sexual Well-being focuses on how often urinary disorders inevitably affect the relationship with partner; Lifestyle is a collection of articles that gives advice on prevention and control, including physical exercise and nutrition; Did you know that is the section which easily tells anecdotes and curiosities about urinary tract and prostate; finally, the areas dedicated to “FAQ” (or the most frequently asked questions) and “Products”, the latter allows you to consult the information leaflet of the Prostamol food supplement and – by entering your location – indicates the nearest pharmacy where you can buy it.

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