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Fondazione Internazionale Menarini and Art: Over 40 Years of Commitment

Origins and Mission The “Fondazione Internazionale Menarini” was established in the spring of 1976 to promote research and knowledge in the fields of biology, pharmacology, medicine, economy, and human sciences. The Foundation’s logo is inspired by the 17th-century treatise Novissima Iconologia by Ripa, which is full of symbolic meanings – from Parmenides to Plato’s myth of []

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Participation, sharing and new challenges: the return of the Menarini Awards 2022 Edition

An event in the name of shared knowledge and experiences, of scientific excellence and multiculturalism, while keeping in mind relevant topics such as environmental sustainability and new digital challenges: these were the main elements of the seventh edition of the Menarini Awards, assigned to Medical Sales Representatives, Area Managers and all the roles of the []

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Menarini’s values overcome every barrier with the Volpi Rosse

A gym, wheels racing, eyes searching, chasing and finding each other: an emotionally charged day involved the Menarini Group’s employees and the Volpi Rosse Menarini wheelchair basketball team in a meaningful team building event to experience the Group’s values beyond barriers. Values are one of the most powerful forces in life, determining people’s identity, guiding in []

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