Fighting Multiple Myeloma together: Menarini Stemline’s commitment for MM Month

March is the dedicated month to raise awareness on the fight against Multiple Myeloma (MM), a life-threatening and debilitating hematologic malignancy that is extremely prevalent. It culminates with the MM Action Day, scheduled for March 30th this year, and aims to show support for patients and healthcare professionals who are working tirelessly to find new ways to treat this malignancy.

As part of its mission in the field of oncology, Menarini Group, together with Stemline, a Menarini Group company, is committed to making a difference in the lives of MM patients and to focus on innovative research that could have a significant impact on treatments and elevate standards of care.

At Stemline, a Menarini Group Company, myeloma is our focus every day of the year – but dates like these are essential to raise awareness for this serious disease. Patients and HCPs are facing enormous challenges while treating multiple myeloma – our goal is to support them with new treatment strategies that could make a difference.” – declares Elcin Barker Ergun, Chief Executive Officer of Menarini Group.

Dealing with Multiple Myeloma poses significant challenges. Despite the remarkable improvements in MM treatment strategies over the last two decades, the disease remains incurable. MM progresses rapidly and aggressively if not challenged, with devastating consequences on patients’ quality of life. Furthermore, the disease evolves over time, leading to relapses that become increasingly refractory to current treatment options.

Menarini and Stemline are committed to advancing MM treatment strategies through extensive research and development efforts. They understand that research is essential to make a significant impact on MM patients’ outcomes and address their unmet medical needs. By working with HCPs to discover new ways to combat MM and maximize the impact of existing treatments, they strive to improve patients’ chances, outcomes, and lives.

For Menarini, Multiple Myeloma Month is an important time to raise awareness of this life-threatening disease and show support for patients and HCPs who are fighting against MM every day. The Group’s commitment to the fight against Multiple Myeloma reflects the company’s innate caring nature and, above all, its core values that always put the patient first, with the goal of transforming lives touched by cancer.