Fondazione Internazionale Menarini and Art: Over 40 Years of Commitment

Origins and Mission

The “Fondazione Internazionale Menarini” was established in the spring of 1976 to promote research and knowledge in the fields of biology, pharmacology, medicine, economy, and human sciences.

Fondazione MenariniThe Foundation’s logo is inspired by the 17th-century treatise Novissima Iconologia by Ripa, which is full of symbolic meanings – from Parmenides to Plato’s myth of the soul – and embodies its objectives and areas of interest: a balance of human and biological sciences. The image depicts a man leading a horse while firmly gripping the bridle, with the horse representing the power of instinct, and the man representing reason controlling it.

Today, the Foundation’s activities remain focused on important contemporary issues. Fondazione Internazionale Menarini organizes initiatives, publications, and events that contribute to active knowledge sharing.

Nader Rostom, Events & Communication Tools Development Manager and member of the Foundation, describes the historical roots and current prospects of the Fondazione Internazionale Menarini:

The Foundation was born at the behest of Dr. A. S. Aleotti to be a think tank capable of dealing with purely scientific topics. The word ‘international’ describes the Menarini Group’s global vocation, a forward-looking vision that the company had 40 years ago, at a time when very few businesses did.


Minuti and Scientific and Artistic Publications

The Foundation’s interest in human sciences is visible in “Minuti”, a magazine of culture and art dedicated to all subscribers of the Foundation’s website. The magazine contains multidisciplinary publications focused on artistic themes, informative and social articles and was originally delivered by mail all over Italy.

In 1977, the magazine split into two distinct editions: “Minuti Scienza” and “Minuti Arte.” 

The relationship between Menarini and the world of art dates back to 1956, and the Foundation continues to promote cultural dissemination and sensitivity for art through various high-level editorial products, including illustrated monographs written by world-renowned experts such as the Art Volumes series, dedicated to Italian masters of the Renaissance.

According to Rostom, “In the ’70s and ’80s, the doctor had a social role that identified him as a reference point for entire communities. So we thought that sending a magazine rich in cultural ideas throughout Italy could be a valuable source of information. The doctors themselves were often the first content producers, sharing photos and personal stories of public interest on Minuti. The Menarini universe has always been built on the ancient tradition of the humanist physician.

Simplicity and directness are the main characteristics of Minuti. Together with a distinct graphic identity that makes it immediately recognizable, the magazine often deals with complex subjects with an accessible, easy-to-understand approach, giving doctors the opportunity to learn something new every time, even from an artistic point of view. 


Digital Transformation

The Fondazione Internazionale Menarini is present and active on every multimedia platform. Its multilingual official portals and social media channels are designed to make Italian cultural heritage accessible to a wider audience.

The natural transition of traditional media towards the digital world has led Minuti Arte and Minuti Scienza to be available online in three languages (Italian, English, Spanish), a transition in the name of the international vocation at the core of the Foundation’s mission.

The Foundation aims to cultivate sensitivity and passion for art among the general public, and the digital world opens up new possibilities to reach this goal. For this reason, the online articles of Minuti Arte (which used to be available only to doctors registered on the platform) became accessible to all website’s visitors in October 2021. The articles can be found on the platform