Menarini Centroamérica y el Caribe, over 40 years of success, engagement and solidarity

Since its establishment, the Menarini Group has consistently embraced a forward-thinking approach, guided by a broad entrepreneurial vision that extends its manufacturing operations well beyond national boundaries. 

Menarini’s presence in Central America traces its roots back to 1979. Forty-four years ago, the decision was made to establish the regional headquarters in Guatemala, which continues to serve as the central hub for operations in neighboring countries.

Over the years, we have faced challenges and overcome obstacles in this stunning terrain, which is dominated by majestic mountains. Our headquarters in Guatemala City has become a fundamental location, functioning as both a headquarters and a logistics plant. As the region has evolved, Menarini Centroamérica y el Caribe has been at the forefront, demonstrating commitment to the community and the local market.

We are proud to announce that Menarini Centroamérica y el Caribe has managed to position itself in the top positions in the pharmaceutical industry in recent years. This success is a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation and healthcare. We continue to work tirelessly to remain a trusted partner in this ever-growing region.

In 2018, Grupo Menarini’s Centroamérica y el Caribe own subsidiary was inaugurated in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to further strengthen its presence in that country for more than four decades, thus marking the last incorporation as a subsidiary of the group.

Today, some 100 employees out of a total of 815 who make up the staff of the Central American subsidiary are stationed in the capital of the Dominican Republic.

The operations carried out in this beautiful corner of the world, Santo Domingo, facing the Caribbean Sea, have yielded very gratifying results. Menarini’s position in the local market has skyrocketed, rising from 37th in 2018 to 19th place in 2023. Surprisingly, this progress has occurred despite the numerous economic and social challenges that have emerged on a global scale in recent times.

Through its continued commitment to leading key therapeutic areas, particularly cardiovascular, inflammation and pain, Menarini, the prestigious Florence-based pharmaceutical company, has successfully established its presence in this geographic region, and its investments here have undoubtedly been positive.

This presence has been further strengthened by scientific dissemination initiatives tailored for specialists and anyone seeking to expand their knowledge on pivotal subjects within the healthcare sector. Menarini Central America and the Caribbean is not only committed to leading life-saving therapies, but also to strengthening the knowledge and skills of the region’s medical community through its Area Cientifica Menarini platform.

This platform is an invaluable resource for keeping medical professionals up to date on the latest advances in medicine and therapeutic areas. We are determined to provide the region’s medical experts with a trusted source of information that supports their practice and improves patient care.

Furthermore, next year we will celebrate a very special anniversary, 30 years of Area Cientifica Menarini, a commitment to health and excellence in the region! During these three decades, we have embraced the digital challenges of our contemporary era, regularly organizing highly participatory multidisciplinary events. These events play a crucial role in keeping the medical community well informed and in fostering scientific collaboration between societies and specialists in the region.

At the heart of these extensive educational programs lie conferences, seminars, and masters, aiming to foster scientific collaboration among societies and specialists in the region, facilitate discussions on diagnoses, treatments, and disease prevention, as well as address unhealthy habits.

These courses tackle pertinent issues through presentations and discussions, offering a unique opportunity to enhance skills and forge strong professional bonds within the field. But the company’s commitment to knowledge-sharing extends beyond participation in scientific congresses.

Through the Menarini Responsable program, the company actively contributes to the physical and intellectual development of children and indigenous communities residing in rural Guatemala, faced with the prevalent challenges in marginal and underdeveloped regions on a daily basis.

The first step involved providing support to the NGO “Infancia con Futuro,” which focuses on delivering education, healthcare, and nutritional assistance to families enduring impoverished conditions.

Following that, Menarini established a partnership with the CONI Association, a Spanish NGO recognized for its public utility status and expertise in cooperation and development.
In 2023, the CONI Association awarded 54 “Menarini Scholarships” to support students throughout their academic journey, beginning with primary education and extending to the university level. Among the scholarship recipients were 36 women and 18 men from 33 distinct communities across 10 municipalities within the Alta Verapaz region.

These scholarships encompass not only financial assistance for their studies but also include psychosocial support and training in various areas. This comprehensive approach extends concrete assistance to both the scholarship recipients and their families, positively impacting every facet of their lives.