Menarini commits to the fight against a rare blood cancer on #BPDCNday

As part of its core values, Menarini is committed to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients, constantly striving to reach a better understanding of the disease, as well as aiming to make a significant impact on oncology treatments and elevate standards of care in oncology. Because of these goals, Menarini finds it especially important to bring people together in the fight against Blastic Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Neoplasm, also known as BDPCN, a rare and highly aggressive form of blood cancer with historically poor outcomes1.

BPDCN23rd January 2023 marks the fourth annual BPDCN Awareness Day (#BPDCNday), a day that aims at raising awareness of the dangers of BPDCN and uniting both the medical community and the patients in the fight against this deadly disease. The date of #BPDCNday (the 1st month and the 23rd day of the year) underlines the importance of the CD123 biomarker, a protein that, if expressed, is essential for the correct diagnosis of BPDCN1,2.

BPDCN commonly presents as cutaneous manifestations such as unusual skin lesions1,3. Although it is more frequently diagnosed in elderly patients, it may occur at any age, with men being three times more likely to be affected than women2,4. The prognosis associated with BPDCN is extremely poor, with an average overall survival rate after diagnosis of just 8 – 14 months2,5.

Because of these reasons, obtaining a faster diagnosis is crucial in the fight against BPDCN. This goal, supported by Menarini and #BPDCNday, can be attained through a joint effort by dermatologists, hemato-oncologists and pathologists8,9. By working together, healthcare providers could enable an early initiation of treatment which could prove to be essential to help improve patient outcomes8.

Menarini is wholeheartedly committed to #BPDCNday, because it represents a chance to engage the community and support patients affected by BPDCN around the world. An opportunity that is aligned with Menarini’s values, and the company’s goal of striving to transform lives touched by cancer. For more information visit



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