Menarini looks towards the future respecting the environment

Making a company protecting the environment and the safety of its employees is an ambitious project, but possible.

This is demonstrated by the many measures that Menarini Group has adopted over the years, with a precise objective: increasing the level of sustainability.

For example, the energy needs have been significatively reduced, contributing – as a result – to the fight against climate change. Suffice it to say that, thanks to energy optimization, just in Italy we have reduced greenhouse-gas emissions up to 875 tons (or Kg) of CO2 over 4 years. This is the amount of CO2 absorbed by a forest of 35.000 trees.

Another important fact is that the waste produced by all production plants are delivered to validated suppliers, certified and verified regularly, so that today 75% of the solid waste generated by Menarini in Italy are recovered or recycled.

This is possible only by demanding very stringent guarantees and requirements to its suppliers, in order to respect the goals the Company has set: reduction in consumption, proper waste management and protection of natural resources.

 “Menarini is doing its part – said the Director of health, safety and environment Pierluigi PasottiI am clear and confident in declaring that all the environmental aspects of all our production activities are properly supervised.”

And he points out that Menarini is making its contribution to sustainability, considering that “CO2 emissions arise from the use of the car, from poor maintenance of heating systems. All these small actions need to converge in containing these greenhouse-gases.”

To reduce pollution and preserve natural resources over the years, specific internal savings policies have been implemented. In fact, systems to improve energy efficiency are installed in all production plants. It ranges from low-power lighting, to automatic lighting or service systems; up to the installation in most offices of the latest generation automatic air conditioning systems, which regulates the temperature based on the presence (or absence) of people.

The predisposition to continuous improvement places Menarini in the front row among the companies most attentive to ecological issues. Protecting the environment and ensuring the safety of staff in production plants means laying the foundations for concrete sustainability for future generations.

To learn more, watch the video on the new Youtube channel “Menarini Pills of Quality”: Menarini and environment: our protection project

Menarini Pills of Quality Youtube Channel: to always guarantee quality in first place

For Menarini, quality always comes first, both for employees – as we have seen – and patients. For this reason, since November 2019, there is a Youtube channel dedicated to “Pills of Quality”: short videos which take the viewer behind the scenes of the pharmaceutical Company, telling how a drug is created and controlled by Menarini.

In a simple and concise way, we try to answer some questions like: what is the difference between a drug and an active ingredient? What does it mean to “supervise” a drug? And also: how does Menarini select the suppliers for the drug production? The answer consists of those who every day work for Menarini: from the head of Pharmacovigilance to the Quality Director of the Group. With these short informative videos the Company wants to inform users without losing its goal: guarantee safety and health to patients, showing how every day Menarini Group strives in the search for increasingly effective care without neglecting quality.