From the Fair Play Menarini International Award to “Educare tifando”, Florence and Fiesole lead the way in Fair Play promotion

Florence and Fiesole are gearing up to host the annual Fair Play Menarini International Award, an event that celebrates ethics, fairness, and respect in sports. This year marks the XXVII edition of the event and promises to host global champions who have left their mark in the sporting world.

The Fair Play Menarini Foundation will organize the event over multiple days, maintaining the recent format. The 2023 edition will span three dates and will take place entirely in the Florentine metropolitan area, with the beauty of Florence and Fiesole serving as the backdrop for the highly-anticipated event.

Starting from Monday, June 19, a crescendo of emotions will officially kick off at the CONI Hall of Honor. The President of the Italian National Olympic Committee, Giovanni Malagò, will be in attendance as the names of the 2023 winners are announced. 

On Monday, July 3, the official opening of the Fair Play Menarini International Award will take place with the talk show “I campioni si raccontano” (Champions tell their stories) in Florence’s Piazza della Signoria. This event will bring together internationally renowned athletes and sports representatives who will share background information, anecdotes, reflections, and curiosities about their illustrious careers.

I am incredibly pleased to see such a prestigious event hosted in Palazzo Vecchio, a symbol of Florence’s history and civilization”, said Florence’s Councillor for Sport and Youth Policies, Cosimo Guccione, “This initiative has been successful for 26 years, and since the first edition, the champions awarded have become models and positive examples for the new generations. They have become Fair Play Menarini ambassadors, spreading the noblest values of sport such as sharing, brotherhood, solidarity, and respect for others around the world. Our young people are bombarded with countless messages, and they need examples. This Menarini event has created a shared heritage for all over time.

On Tuesday, July 4, the calendar of events will continue in Florence with the gala dinner that will welcome sport stars to the stunning overlook of Piazzale Michelangelo.

The grand finale of the Award is scheduled for Wednesday, July 5, in the magical setting of the Roman Theater of Fiesole, where the awards ceremony will be broadcast live on TV on Sportitalia. This is an absolute premiere in the splendid setting of the Fiesole arena, a place rich in history and cultural experiences.

It is an honor for our municipality to host the prestigious Fair Play Menarini International Award,” says Anna Ravoni, mayor of Fiesole. “It will be an extraordinary occasion to welcome sports icons who have distinguished themselves for their fair play. We are proud to share our adherence to the highest principles of ‘fair play’ with our community.


The second edition of “Educare tifando”


The Fair Play Menarini Foundation holds the theme of fair play close to its heart, as demonstrated by their recent partnership with the City of Florence to support the “Educare tifando” (Educating by cheering) project. 

Sports can be a powerful vehicle for positive messages, particularly when clubs, federations, and institutions come together to achieve a common goal. The dissemination of fair play values and educational principles through sports can be initiated through “Educare tifando,” a way to encourage amateur clubs to actively engage in long-term strategic planning dedicated to young people.

The second edition of the initiative has garnered support not only from Menarini, but also from the most significant sports governing bodies in the area, including the national CONI. The initiative offers a cash prize worth €10,000 to sports clubs that can design promotional projects centered around healthy cheering, combined with inclusive and socializing behavior.

The challenge is personally promoted by Manuel Pasqual, a former professional soccer player, and other influential figures in Florentine sports. The challenge will end in March 2024, during which each participating club is required to produce a fair play video and present a well-structured project. The club with the best proposal will receive the funding.

At the end of the presentation meeting, Antonello Biscini, President of the Fair Play Menarini Foundation, expressed his satisfaction by saying, “The Foundation is delighted to participate in this competition, which aims to encourage amateur clubs that train young people not only in terms of sports performance but also in terms of education to become future citizens capable of behaving well towards other athletes, the public, the referee, the rules, and fair play.

Both initiatives place the cities of Florence and Fiesole in a leading position among the most committed centers to promoting the philosophy of fair play.