La Fam No Fa Vacances: Menarini España and its commitment to food accessibility

The Menarini Group, always staying on top of contemporary societal dynamics, is making a meaningful contribution to food accessibility through global initiatives.

While nutrition is recognized as a basic human right, over 700 million people in the world currently grapple with hunger. Looking ahead to the projections from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), estimating a global population of around 10 billion by 2050, it’s evident that the demand for food products will see a significant uptick. Taking steps to minimize waste emerges as a crucial initial move to ensure that everyone has access to food. Actively aiding social groups struggling to secure meals becomes a tangible goal of social responsibility.

This objective aligns seamlessly with the five tenets of Menarini España‘s Corporate Social Responsibility manifesto: “Cultivate a conscious and consistent solidarity, address symptoms and root causes, assist those who are helping, focus on familiar projects, and identify environmental needs”.

From these fundamental principles springs the “La fam no fa vacances” (Hunger doesn’t take vacations) project. Ongoing since 2015, its aim is to distribute food during periods when donations are drastically lower, particularly in the summer.

Official data reveals that approximately 21% of the population in Catalonia, Spain, lives in poverty. For these individuals, the summer months aren’t the most carefree; they are, in fact, the most challenging.

Hence, from July 17 to 31, the Badalona branch staff initiated their customary food collection. In the summer of 2023, they amassed 1,406 kg of food, a quantity that doubled with Menarini’s valuable contribution, totaling 2,812 kg of products. Nutrient-rich items such as milk, oil, legumes, canned meat, and fish can significantly aid families in need during the summer.

Additionally, Menarini España partners with the NGO Educo in the Dining Scholarship Project, providing “becas comedores” or dining scholarships. This ensures a daily meal for children at risk of social exclusion. Through its donations to the NGO, the Menarini Group has secured a total of 8,300 meals for 47 children over a year.

These scholarships not only guarantee access to a healthy and balanced diet for children from economically disadvantaged families but also encourage integration with their peers, resulting in improved academic performance.

Lastly, the Menarini España branch introduced a new Zero Waste initiative against food waste, providing employees with paper bags in the cafeteria and making it easier to take away leftover bread and dessert during company meals and catering events at the headquarters.

Remaining true to company values that consistently prioritize people, Menarini España strives for the well-being of the Spanish population irrespective of the season. Certain issues, especially hunger, never take vacations.