Menarini builds “The Bridge of Kindness” for Vietnamese children

Bé Sâu Bridge

Vietnam’s Chợ Lách rural district, Bến Tre Province in the Mekong Delta region.

In this area, even going to school can be risky. In fact, most of the bridges – like the one of Bé Sâu, built in 1962 – are made of bamboo or wood. This fragile structure realized with primitive materials often compromises people safety, especially during the monsoon seasons.

 In response to this difficult situation – since the local authorities are financially unable to face a building renovation – Menarini Vietnam and its employees contributed in financing the reconstruction of the old Bé Sâu bridge, changing the life of an entire community.

The old Bé Sâu bridge

The Bridge of Kindness: a gift from Menarini to Vietnam

Named “Bridge of Kindness”, the new Bé Sâu bridge – made of concrete and much larger, 28 m long and 3 m wide – was completed in early December. The construction started in 2019 with Menarini Group support and sponsorship. In collaboration with the Ho Chi Minh Association for Poor Patients (HAPP), Menarini Vietnam contributed to the reconstruction costs for a total amount of 166.000.000 VNĐ (Vietnamese Dong). Various activities – such as auctions and funfairs – were organized with the purpose of collecting donations. Thus showing Menarini up to its brand vision “Invigorating Lives”: helping and saving lives in the communities where we operate, whenever we can.

The Bridge of Kindness

At the inauguration on December 9th, residents and local authorities were present. It was very moving to see the joy and the relief of the community at the sight of the new bridge. A village elder said: “With the new bridge, 1000 of our children can now safely go to school every day, whether it is raining or the sun is shining. The new bridge also guarantees us secure access to our primary needs, such as food and healthcare. The benefits are countless!”

Members of Menarini Vietnam and HAPP during the opening ceremony of the bridge.

Menarini Vietnam Team took the chance to visit the educational and assistance center for disabled people near Bến Tre, where 150 children received gifts from the Group and were involved in recreational activities.

The enhanced infrastructure allows children to finally go to school safely, improving at the same time trade and economy of the community. It is not the first time that Menarini helps people in need in Vietnam: in 2016 a donation of 300 bags of grocery and essential items was made in a rehabiliitation center in Hanoi and and scholarships were given to worthy students of Han Dich community. Menarini Asia Pacific is one of the main pharmaceutical companies present in the Asian territory on the Pacific Ocean coast and part of Menarini Group since 2011.

The aim is not only to offer simple and innovative access to medical care but – as in the case of Vietnam – also to operate on the territory improving people’s lives in their primary needs.