Menarini supports future doctors with the VadeMedicum project

Choosing to study Medicine involves a journey of at least six years, requiring total commitment to exam preparation and the construction of a solid foundation of scientific and human knowledge.

At the end of the university career, a similarly stimulating but more challenging profession begins, which often requires an adaptation period.

With the VadeMedicum project, Menarini has designed a new web portal specifically for young doctors who have recently graduated from Italian universities.

An idea that combines two central objectives in the company’s philosophy: education and support for those entering the workforce.

Creating new skills and training specialized personnel is an essential step in ensuring patient health. For this reason, Menarini has developed an easy-to-use and content-rich tool with the aim of providing effective support.

Specifically, VadeMedicum offers resources with in-depth healthcare information: the website features manuals, webinars, and other innovative contributions for future medical professionals.

The website is a valuable tool as it provides trainee doctors with useful materials to prepare for the final stretch of their education, including interviews with specialists sharing their experiences and dispensing advice. It also gives information on opportunities and challenges in different specialized areas, as well as on cross-cutting topics such as English language and statistics.

Moreover, the website delves deeper into the new, intersectional frontiers between technology and medicine, as well as into practical insights into private practice, employment, regulatory framework, and rights.

Lastly, a special focus is given to daily operations, the doctor-patient relationship, cultivating empathy, managing burnout, working in teams, and working in continuous care.

A veritable online assistant that gathers in a single digital space, with a new, more modern and functional version, everything needed to grow in the medical profession, and which every doctor can use to stay up-to-date with the latest research results.

For Menarini, innovation means thinking outside the box: VadeMedicum represents a leap forward in a journey where education and multimedia go hand in hand, as in the best tradition of the Menarini Group, committed from its origins to the dissemination of scientific culture.