Menarini’s corporate goal of ecological transition for a greener future

Menarini has been involved in ensuring health and well-being for over 135 years. An entrepreneurial history that has always put quality first, together with the constant search for innovative and sustainable production systems.

Environmental awareness is a paramount topical element when researching development strategies. This is implemented through technological solutions that focus on the recovery of natural resources and energy efficiency.

To gain an in-depth understanding of the initiatives aimed at generating a sustainable business model, it is worth reviewing the projects of environmental responsibility that Menarini has been carrying out successfully for many years.

One of the longest-running conservation programs is the collaboration with Treedom that contributed to the planting of a forest of 11,300 trees. Treedom is an online platform that allows people to plant a tree from a distance and follow the story of the project online. The commitment between Menarini and Treedom specifically aims to support agroforestry development plans and meet the need to absorb CO2, with the higher purpose of fighting climate change and the excesses of the greenhouse effect, protecting biodiversity and taking a stance against deforestation.

In addition to the CO2 and air quality issue, the disposal of waste and its regeneration is one of the focal points of the Menarini Group’s environmental policy. 

The collaboration between Menarini and Italian companies specialized in the treatment of industrial waste goes in this direction, with the aim of organizing and constantly improving the management of waste produced in the Italian plants, while also allowing the best recovery of materials, reducing industrial waste and identifying the types of solvents that are suitable for regeneration.

While the above-mentioned examples are a testament to Menarini’s commitment in Italy, it is equally important to remember that ecology represents an organic corporate goal shared worldwide.

The principle of tree conservation that prompted the collaboration with Treedom has been replicated in the Philippines, where the local division of the Group has contributed to planting new trees in collaboration with the Forest Management Bureau. After years of uncontrolled deforestation, a total of 1,500 saplings were planted, which will become trees in one of the world’s richest and most fascinating ecosystems.

In Singapore, employees of the Asia Pacific division have volunteered to devote their energies to cleaning up a peaceful place, surrounded by nature and marked by environmental pollution: the beach at East Coast Park. Their effort has resulted in over 100 kg of rubbish that were collected and transported to the landfill.

Even the offices and the publishing activities are involved in low environmental impact operations. In the headquarters in Florence, the Zero Paper Project has virtually eliminated the enormous quantity of paper documents through an effective process of digitisation and dematerialisation. The same principle was followed by the company for the publication of an art monograph dedicated to the painter Giorgione, one of the great masters of beauty. The book has a green label that certifies its production according to ecological criteria and has contributed to the planting of 300 trees with Treedom. 

In Australia, the Menagreenie project included a complete waste disposal system to eliminate plastic, as well as the cleaning of the common areas in the company.

In France, the company’s roof is covered by a great number of photovoltaic panels to ensure the production of solar energy. Their installation was completed together with the replacement of traditional lighting fixtures with LEDs, in order to save energy and have a lower impact on the environment.

Therefore, Menarini’s commitment to a concrete ecological transition is real. The observance of environmental and safety regulations is one of the company’s key principles, but what really makes the difference between intentions and proper action is a forward-looking approach, for a future in which sustainability will be the most important requirement for generating lasting value.


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