Menarini’s global effort towards environmental sustainability and responsibility

As part of its key principles, Menarini Group is committed to developing a business model that focuses on environmental care and responsibility. The company has taken various steps to promote awareness of the importance of ecology, and aims at playing a significant role in addressing some of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges, such as climate change, pollution, deforestation and loss of biodiversity. 

By making environmental sustainability a priority, Menarini aims to create a better future for people and the planet. Therefore, environmental awareness is one of the main corporate goals that has led the Group to promote many initiatives over the years.

One of the longest-running projects is the collaboration with Treedom, an organization operating in Africa, Latin America and Asia and plants trees providing a range of benefits, from mitigating the effects of climate change to promoting economic development and providing food resources to local communities. 

The partnership with Treedom has seen the involvement of many of the Group’s companies and has contributed to the creation of the Menarini Forest of around 12,000 trees, which has already absorbed 3,000 t of CO2. 

By supporting the planting of trees, Menarini is contributing to a more sustainable future and promoting the well-being of people and the planet. 

On a European level, Menarini España has taken various steps towards environmental sustainability. The company launched the campaign #ÚneteAlVerde (Join the Green) in 2020: the initiative aimed to eliminate plastic water bottles from the company’s headquarters in Badalona and install 13 sources of filtered water. 

The company also created a calendar highlighting the main events about the environment, launched the E-Consejos space to disseminate recommendations linked to environmental care, and distributed kits to its employees to help them achieve their sustainability goals. The kits consisted of a mousepad with a wrist support, two reusable bags for buying fruits and vegetables, wax fabric bags for medication and self-care products, and washable and reusable sandwich holders.
Lastly, Menarini España also reduced its waste by 11% in 2020. 

Berlin Chemie Menarini is also committed to sustainability. The company sets strategic and operational environmental and energy objectives and always tries to take advantage of new opportunities to save energy. The company also separates waste by type and disposes of it in a controlled manner, trying to recycle a large proportion of it.

Moving to another continent, Menarini Asia Pacific has also been very active in promoting initiatives of environmental awareness. For example, in 2022 Menarini Indonesia partnered with World Vision to support the Clean Water Project in Ende, Indonesia. The initiative has provided clean water to over 1,000 people, empowering the local community and improving their health and wellbeing. 

In addition to this, Menarini Indonesia has taken steps to protect and regenerate the environment at Jakarta’s longest river, the Ciliwung. The employees gathered to plant 60 tree seedlings, distribute 1,000 fish seeds, and collect over 250 kg of waste.

Menarini Korea has upcycled plastic cups into planters, thus minimizing the waste generated by the company, while Menarini Hong Kong has raised nearly 4,600 HKD for poor farming communities in South Sudan and Somalia, with the aim of providing farming tools and training.

In conclusion, Menarini Group is strongly committed to environmental sustainability and awareness. Menarini’s efforts are evident in all its projects and always look forward with the hope for a greener future for our planet.