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The future of Menarini Asia Pacific between digital marketing and online healthcare

Menarini’s Asia Pacific division is one of the fastest growing of the entire group. The Florence-based multinational company strongly believes in the possibilities of the global market and continues to consolidate business relations in the Asian continent, a frontier of new opportunities.  Menarini’s presence in Asia is rather significant. From South Korea to Kyrgyzstan, from []

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Menarini Spain: Sant Jordi’s Day goes digital

The Day of the Book and the Rose, between history and legend  Books and roses at every street corner and love in the air: these are the ingredients of Sant Jordi’s day, Catalonia’s patron saint who slew the fearsome dragon and offered a wonderful rose, sprouted from the dragon’s monstrous body, to the beautiful princess []

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Coronavirus: Menarini’s commitment of solidarity

Donations continue to support the health emergency Since March 2020, our lives have changed. The worldwide pandemic caused by Coronavirus has affected everyone, imposing a significant change in most of the common social habits. Masks, phone screens and computers hid our smiles. No more kisses and no more hugs, since they have turned from displays []

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